6 Tips for Staying Sane While Home Alone With Your Kids

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Hi Everyone! Clara here. This topic, being home alone for hours on end with my little guy,(sometimes it feels like forever, am I right) is such a sensitive subject for me. I love it and I kinda hate it? My husband is a police officer and while his hours are fairly decent, there is still a ton of alone time. Just me and Sawyer. Let me preface this by saying I FREAKING LOVE MY KID. I mean every mother does. He’s my whole world, I literally do everything for him. But sometimes I just need a break. I need a change of scenery. I need to do something for myself. Now this is easier said than done, because there are so. many. hormones. And they make us all pretty crazy. I felt like if I wasn’t spending every waking hour doting on my son, I was being a bad mom. But then when I left him or got frustrated or upset for wanting to do something but not being able to, I was so hard on myself.  What’s with that? Like, I’m a freaking rockstar for keeping my baby alive and happy for a year (crying!!). I also live in the tiniest town in Utah. We have no target. We have no Walmart. Before I moved here I looked up “department stores” and 2 Dollar stores came up. #yay. I’ve had to get really creative in what we do and I’ll be lying if it hasn’t been stinking hard. But heres what I have done. Of course I’ve added things that real civilization has ;).

WORKOUT: Get moving. Go on a walk. Okay DUH I’m gonna talk about this. I love exercising. The benefits are endless. Take your babe to child care at the gym and do Ali’s awesome HIIT work out. Exercise can turn your day right side up. Exercise gives you endorphins and endorphins make you happy. And Happy people just don’t kill their husbands.

EAT HEALTHY: Meal plan. Make meals in advance. I’m a big time emotional eater. My body craves junk whenever I’m stressed or upset. When I cave in to that craving. I still feel like Junk. Even more so because now I’m worried that, that candy bar just went straight to my hips.  Instead of that Candy bar, eat some apples and almond butter. Have some RX Bars. No refined or added sugar, and the maple sea salt is TO. DIE. FOR. Don’t try to make yourself feel better with junk food. It doesn’t always help. DAD GUMMIT.

GET OUT OF THE HOUSE: If there is one thing that adds to a funk or depression, it’s the feeling of being stuck inside the house. So maybe you can’t drive, or don’t have the car? Go on a walk! Play in the backyard. Go to the Grocery store, the library, the mall. Go somewhere you haven’t been before. Treat yo self.

LIVE IN THE MOMENT: Be present. Turn off the TV, set down the phone. I catch myself ALL THE TIME on Instagram or other social medias comparing myself to these ladies who seem to have it all, do it all and look amazing. It’s easy to compare, so turn it off! Put that phone down. Get on the floor with your baby and play.  I miss so much of what Sawyer is doing when I’m on my phone and it makes me feel even worse!  Play with your kids, do what they’re doing and have fun! Being a mom rocks and making your kids happy is the best feeling.

CLEAN UP MESSES WHILE BABY IS AWAKE: I read this tip not too long ago and its life changing!  If you can do it while your baby is awake you don’t have to spend all that precious nap time cleaning up! You can turn on a show and relax. Along with this, I love to go to bed with a clean kitchen (thanks mom!!) Call me crazy but in the morning there is nothing better than waking up to a clean kitchen! Don’t let those dishes sit overnight. Clean them. Start your day fresh.

HAVE A ROUTINE: I love routines. I love schedules. I love having a day planned, because there is something to look forward to. There is some predictability. And lets be honest the more predictability we can create with a Kid, the better. But also don’t forget to be spontaneous too. Throw caution into the wind. You’ll appreciate it, your kid will appreciate and you can have a little fun 😉

I hope these can help. But above all, remember how great you’re doing. Remember how much that babe, those kids love you, need you and just plain wouldn’t survive without you. YOU’RE A FREAKING ROCKSTAR.



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