Clara’s Friday Favorites

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This week seemed so long! My Days get so mixed up being a stay at home mama, and Jeffrey doesn’t work M-F 8-5. So Sometimes I feel like Monday is Friday and we’re all over the place. We’ve been trying to transition Sawyer to 1 nap and it’s mostly gone well except when it doesn’t. haha. He gets so frustrated when he feels like he can’t do something, and while we’ve almost go the “help please” down, when he’s tired we get some really nice meltdowns.

My saving grace really has been eating healthy and making it to the gym. I know everyone says that but honestly, if I don’t make it to the gym no one’s happy. Also I feel so energized when I’m eating clean and (mostly) sugar free. On that note, does anyone want to see more of what I’m eating/making for my family? I’ll be honest I HATE meal planing, but I’ve been doing it and its saves so much time and money!!

Any ways I wanted to share a few things that I loved this week, and that make my life a little easier. Enjoy 🙂 and HAPPY FRIDAY!


I love Ellen Degeneres. But who doesn’t! This video made me cry and really motivated me to find a few charities, or people to serve this holiday season.


This Water bottle is FREAKING AMAZING. It keeps your water cold for at least 24 hours and will keep liquid warm for 6 hours. I love water, but making sure I get enough is so much easier with this bottle. Its amazing. I take it everywhere.

3. Promptly Journals

Have you heard of these? I got one for Sawyer and it is soo sweet. It gives you all sorts of prompts to write about your baby and a big chunk of space to write down special thoughts and things that happen. I try to take time and write down something everyday. It doesn’t have to be special. Just feelings that I had or something he did. I really think journaling is so important and I can’t wait for him to read it one day.

4. Wet Brush

I have long fine hair and it gets tangled sooo easily. I love it but I hate it ya know? and don’t even mention the word cut. That I won’t be doing. But this brush is pretty awesome. It takes care of all my tangles so quickly! It goes through tangles with out damaging your hair. So yeah. Win. win.
5. Awesome With Alison Podcast

That’s Alison with one L. She won’t let you forget it. I can’t tell you how much I love this podcast! Alison and Eric are hilarious and insightful and its always a party when I listen. They have amazing tips on life and equally amazing book recommendations. I hope you listen, you can only gain!


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