Fitness Favorites

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Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.

There are a few items that I love to have in my gym bag at all times, and today I’m going to share those with you, and show you exactly where you can get them! I like to keep things simple and minimal. I don’t believe you NEED anything (except a good pair of shoes) to get fit, but sometimes having nice new gear makes going to the gym even more fun! These are my 5 fitness favorites:

1. Insulated Water Bottle

Having a good water bottle is so important! It makes it even easier to stay hydrated, which as we all know is super essential to your fitness. I personally love my insulated aluminum bottle. I like my water to be ice cold and when I put ice in this water bottle, it stays cold for SO LONG. I love it so much! These ones here are great because you can choose the color and the size:

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2. A Yoga Mat

If you’re the “work out at home” type, then a good yoga mat is must have. I love how many options there are out there for colors and designs! I personally like the thinner ones instead of the thick ones, but that’s just me. A small tip for your yoga mat: keep it clean as you go-mine is so dirty now and I can’t get it clean again! You can find all sorts of DIY spray cleaners for yoga mats on Pinterest (here is a simple one). Here are some designs that I LOVE:

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3. Resistance Bands

I love having our own resistance bands! They’re so great if you need to work out at home, or if you need to target a specific muscle or muscle group, or just for convenience. I love the variability of them: you can do just about anything with resistance bands! One thing I’m loving right now are my loop bands that I use for glute activation before leg day (more on that to come). We have a million different regular resistance bands from all of Michael’s physical therapy, and those are great too.

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4. BCAA’s

I talked all about BCAA’s here and their benefits. I love my BCAA’s and take them with me to the gym every day. (I like mine to be ICE cold, so I fill my shaker cup with ice all the way to the top-they taste better that way!) My absolute favorite BCAA’S are the Crush Citrus Sunrise, but it’s fun to try all sorts of different flavors. Here are some of my favorites:

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5. Good Headphones+ Amazon Music App

Okay, this is so important. I’ve been through so many headphones in my life, and I can be so particular about them. A good pair of headphones can make all the difference. I used to use the Beats Solo kind and I LOVED them, but they actually broke after like, a year😔 Now I use the beats earbuds and they are great! Also, I’m always so surprised by how many people don’t know about Amazon Music. You can try it here, but if you already have Amazon Prime it’s free. There are SO many songs, and you can search for songs, playlists, or albums. And you can save songs, make your own playlists, have unlimited skips and can even replay songs. I have the Amazon unlimited account which is $8/month, and you get access to even more songs. It is my favorite music streaming app!


click image for amazon link

These are all items that I use pretty much daily, or at least every week(like the resistance bands), but I love them all and I think you will too! Let us know what your gym essentials are and if you love any of these items as well!



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