Goal Setting: How to Set Great Goals For the New Year

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Goal setting is a great way to stay motivated and to push yourself to achieve want you want out of life. There are right and wrong ways to set a goal though so today we’re going to go over how to set the best goals you can, as well as some tips to track and monitor those goals. Goal setting is exciting but can also be overwhelming and difficult. It helps a lot if you have a clear understanding of how to set good goals.

Goal Setting 101:


You’ve probably heard this acronym before, but its such a great outline to make sure your goals are the best they can be, so that you are more likely to achieve them!

Specific: like as specific as you can be. Saying you want to “lose weight this year” is useless. Having a specific goal like, I want to lose 30 pounds this year, or lose 15% body fat, are much better.

Measurable: there should be a clear line as to whether or not you hit your goal, so it needs to be measurable in some way. Instead of saying “I want to workout more, try I want to go to the gym 3 times a week, every week. It’s specific and it’s measurable!

Action-Based: your goals should be based on your behaviors and habits. Otherwise it’s not really a goal, its more of a wish. You can’t set a goal to win the lottery, but you can set a goal to make a certain amount of money for the year. One is luck, the other is based on what YOU DO.

Realistic: while I am a big believer in shooting for the stars, you need to set goals that are realistic to your situation, otherwise you’re setting yourself up for failure and disappointment. It would be silly of me to set a goal to go to the temple every day. That’s not realistic for my situation. A better goal would be for me to go to the temple once a month!

Time-Sensitive: set a deadline for your goals! If you have a goal to save $1000 for a shopping spree, set a deadline date so you have a stronger motivation and urge to actually do it in time! I have a goal to read one book a month this year, so the “deadline” in that situation would be the end of each month, for each book!

Break Goals Up Into Categories

This is one that I love to use, it really helps me focus in and compartmentalize each of my goals and what category it fits into. Generally I will set 2-3 goals in each of these different categories: financial, health and fitness, spiritual, work/business, and personal. Establish whatever categories work best for you and your life, and figure out a couple of goals for each of those categories!

Break Down Big Goals Into Smaller Action-Based Goals

This is another common practice but it can be really effective for ACTUALLY REACHING your goals. It basically gives you an outline of what you need to do to get to your big goal. If your goal is to lose 20 pounds, set some smaller goals that will help you get there. For example: exercise 3 times a week, drink 4 bottles of water every day, do the whole30 for a month, etc. Figure out what things you want to do daily that will help you hit that goal.

Reflect On WHO You Want To Be

When you’re trying to figure out what it is you want to accomplish, start by thinking about WHO you want to be first. Do you want to be someone who reads more? Do you want to be someone who serves others more often, or who goes to the gym everyday at a certain time? Maybe you want to be someone who cooks dinner for their family and eats at the table together every night. Maybe you want to be the kind of couple that makes time for a date night once a week. Or someone who goes to bed early and wakes up early. Get personal with yourself, figure out who you want to be, and where you need to go to get there.


For me it really helps to picture in my mind exactly what I want to happen and what that would look like. I close my eyes and think about what it would look like if I were to reach my goal, how that would feel, what it would take for me to get there, etc. Let’s say my goal is to pay off all my student loans. I will feel a stronger motivation and desire if I visualize in vivid detail exactly what it would feel like if I accomplished that goal. Do this exercise as often as you need to and with any goal you like!

Tracking Your Goals

I love using my bullet journal to track my goals and log everything I do! There are so many great different ideas on Pinterest, and I love how you can customize it to whatever you want/like/need. It gives me a creative outlet and a chance to use fun stationary and pens, which I love! (This is the journal and the pens I use and love-click image for amazon link:

Here are some of the pages I have set up for this coming year and how I plan to log and track my goals! These are the pages I have set up recurring every month:

  • A monthly goals, plans, events, and to-do’s page
  • A daily habit tracker
  • A budget page
  • A family council outline
  • Daily gratitude journal

Sometimes I like to have additional/random pages at times. Here are some of my favorite ones that I’ve used before:

Have you ever used a bullet journal before? If so I’d love to see your pictures or hear some more page ideas! And if you have some exciting goals for this year, share them below!




3 thoughts on “Goal Setting: How to Set Great Goals For the New Year

  1. I love this! Bullet journals are gorgeous, especially yours. Goal-setting is so important; I do it all the time and 100% believe in it. I also use a planner religiously. Definitely would love to see more of your planner tips/pics as inspiration!

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