4 Tips For Making Grocery Shopping Healthier

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It’s Friday!! Thank the stars!! It’s also mine and Jeff’s 5th year anniversary. And I may or may not have forgotten until I woke up and saw beautiful flowers on my night stand. I’m the worst! And also so spoiled. To be fair, we decided not to do anything big today, because were going on a big trip in April!! I can’t wait! Jeffrey works so hard for us, is such a good dad! I’m so grateful for him. In other news, Ive got some tips that I use every week to help make my grocery shopping healthier.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone to the grocery store unprepared or famished with the intent of buying only healthy foods and all I came out with was ice cream, cookies and white bread to make french toast. A MILLION TIMES! After about 3 years of marriage and 3 years of not meal planning and eating junk I decided to get my act together and I’ve come up with four steps that I do every week to make my grocery shopping healthier.

Meal Plan:

  This one is by far the hardest for me. Coming up with yummy healthy dinners has never been my strong hold. Probably because I hated cooking all growing up. Anyone else’s mom give them their own cooking night to make dinner? I hated it!! But of course my mom was right in doing that (duh) because, now I know that I do it. I just have to put a little work into it. So every Thursday I sit down and look for recipes. I do recycle recipes quite often, but I now love adding new recipes to my repertoire. A few places that i love to get recipes from are: Minimalist Baker, Clean Simple Eats, and Primavera Kitchen. All of these ladies provide delicious healthy easy to make recipes, I also love browsing pinterest for ideas that are easily adjustable if I need to sub ingredients.  I use the weekly meal planner from day designer. To make planning easy.

Make a Grocery List:

Once I have all my meals planned, I start organizing my grocery list.  I love THIS printable from day designer. It makes it so easy to  organize everything into it’s category. Then I go to the store!

Don’t Grocery Shop While Hungry:

I remember, when  I was younger, being picked up from school and being sooooo hungry. Often times my mom would need to go to the store on our way home. So in walked a herd of hungry hungry hippos (hahaha okay i just had to).  Albertson’s, always around 4 o’clock  would put out a hot sample french loaf bread that you could cut and butter yourself. And it was pure heaven! You better believe me and my sisters devoured that! Point is, it wasn’t the healthiest snack we could have had. But it was there and it sounded and tasted amazing so we ate it.

See the thing about grocery stores is they strategically place unhealthy foods at the checkout and in the front of the store. They make them easily grab-able. So if you go hungry you’ll see all this candy and soda and other junk right at arms reach. And most often than not you’ll buy it and eat it because you’re hungry.  So by going when you’re full will help prevent rash and unnecessary purchases.

Read the Facts:

That is, read the nutrition facts. I like to do this with any box items that I buy. I look at the saturated fat and sugar content and keep those at a minimum.I also look at whether or not its made with whole wheat or whole grains. Whole wheat and grains are complex carbs with more nutrients that are lower on the glycemic index scale. This means they take longer for our body to digest and it doesn’t immediately spike your blood sugar. 


So it takes time and is a process ( all good things do). But if you do these things, I  promise you will be able to eat healthier and stop wasting money on junk.  Feel free to leave a comment with any questions you have, or shoot me an email, if you need help coming up with a meal plan. I’ll be happy to help!

Also leave a comment below if you liked this post and it was helpful!

Have a wonderful weekend friends!!



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