3 Family Activities that Gives Everyone a Workout

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Hi ladies!! Do you ever struggle with family activities? I know I do, and I know my mom did. Especially family activities that also get the family exercising. I wanted to share some of my favorite activities to do with my family that are so fun and also a really nice workout. Good thing is, they don’t feel like a workout, because they’re actually fun!

  1. Go on a family walk:

This is something my family did all the time growing up and I loved it! we would take the dogs and everyone would get out and get fresh air. Sometimes we went far and other times it was just around the block. I want you to try and go 1 mile the first time you take your family on a walk. See how everyone does and increase it the next time. Walking is incredibly good for you. It gets your blood circulating, helps lower your resting heart rate, strengthen your muscles and bones and improve your overall mood. Endorphins y’all!! Strap on your shoes, put your babies in the stroller and get moving!

2. Play Knock out Basketball.

Another really fun family activity is to take your family to a basketball court ( or place where they have a basketball hoop and play knock out. Here’s how you do it. You’ll need two basketballs. Have your family members line up in a single file row. Give the first two people in line a basketball. Once everyone is ready have the first person in line shoot the ball. If he makes it, he’s done and hand the basketball to the next person (without a ball) in line.  As soon as the fist person shoots the ball the second person in line will shoot their ball. If they make the shot before the person a head of them,  the person who missed the basket is out for that round. You keep going until you have a winner! A variation of this could be to use a little tikes basketball hoop and the adults shoot on their knees and farther back 😉

3. Play tag or frisbee in the park.

I love this one because its fun with young and older kids. Sawyer already loves getting chased so we do a modified version of tag. Basically it ends up being the “I’m gonna get you game” but it gets us moving just the same!  And frisbee is a classic family activity and so fun! If you’re like my family we all kind of sucked, but it was really funny laughing at all the bad throws. If you’re Jeff and I know, then you’re researching how to throw a frisbee better and practicing every chance you get 😉 We really like this frisbee Aerobie Superdisc.

No matter the family activity, I can guarantee you’ll have fun! We just want to get you moving and happy! What are your favorite family activities to do? Let us know in the comments below!

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