30 Days of Self Love

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“You carry so much love in your heart. Give some to yourself”. -R.Z.

I’ve been so MIA on the blog lately, and I’ve really missed it. So I hope y’all missed me too because I’M BACKKKK! The past few weeks have been really crazy. If you follow me on Instagram you saw that I passed my CPT exam. I’m now a certified personal trainer. It’s surreal and so exciting. I start training clients in a couple of weeks in town and I’m so excited. There’s nothing like helping others working on their fitness goals. Becoming a personal trainer was something that I decided to do for myself. To practice self love.  I’ve talked about it before but I was really struggling after Sawyer was born. I love being a mom, but I wanted to do something more. I needed to take care of my self. I needed to show myself some love.

Though movement of self love is very popular and I’m sure you all have heard about it, it still remains the problem that we aren’t loving ourselves enough! I love the poem from Rupi Kaur:

What is the greatest lesson a woman should learn. That since day one she’s already had everything she needed within herself. It was the world that convinced her that she did not.

Now of course we can use he and she interchangeably, because both men and women have so much to offer! We have the potential and capability to do anything we set our minds to do. But it is so easy to let others influence us and convince us that we can’t. When in reality, we are wonderful, amazing and beautiful just the way we are.

February being love month, I wanted to put a 30 day challenge out their. A challenge of Self love. Now these daily challenges may seem a little bit simple, but if we can do one simple action of self love, think about how much more love you can put in the world, after loving yourself first.  We have to love ourselves first, in order to give that love. And as parents, what’s a greater gift than giving an example of self love and confidence to give our children?

I hope you start this challenge today. And see it through for 30 days and longer. Because being kind to ourselves, loving ourselves is so important!





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