About Us

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Hi there and welcome to Hello Fit Mamas!

We hope that through this blog you will find lot of information, motivation, and a sense of community and friendship.

Our goal is to empower all Mamas out there and help them to be their best selves, through health, fitness, and personal development.

We would love for you to stick around, introduce yourself, and join us in this exciting journey!

My name is Ali and I am the mama to the sweetest spunky almost-two year old girl, Kennedy. I am also a certified personal trainer and I currently work at a local commercial gym. I live in Boise, Idaho with my husband, daughter and our dog Cooper. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Physiology and have a passion for all things health, fitness and wellness related. I also love to serve and help others, which is why personal training was such a great fit for me. I love being a mom and am learning and growing so much every day. I am a member of the LDS church, and I enjoy watching the Office, being outdoors, learning about personal development, and basically anything that allows me to be creative and use my hands. I am so excited to connect with other moms out there who are looking to learn more about fitness, share ideas, and become better moms!


Hey! I’m Clara, a mama, CPT in training and a foodie, i.e. I love food! I have a 1 year old buddy, Sawyer, married to my Jeffrey and we have a naughty pup named Basil. My journey to becoming a personal trainer is a long one and to be honest a little unexpected. I didn’t major in exercise physiology or human health but I’ve always been active throughout my life, playing sports in school, and going to the gym off and on. The year before I had my little boy, I got pretty serious with health and fitness. Once I got pregnant I stayed active, but didn’t work out as diligently or eat as well as I had been. I had significant diastasis recti (separation of the abs) from my pregnancy and that was discouraging and intimidating as I started postpartum fitness. Which led me to researching and finding the safest workouts to do with diastasis. I began healing and it was so rewarding! I loved telling other moms about my progress and I loved when they started seeing progress with my suggested workouts. Im happiest when I’m leading a healthy active lifestyle, hopefully I can encourage  moms and others to live a happy healthy life as well.
Clara and Ali first met 7 years ago, when they were roommates in college their first semester. They have been best friends ever since. They both married, and they’re husbands are great friends as well, and are both law enforcement officers. They both have dogs(they’re also bff’s) and babies(future husband and wife we hope😂). They have a lot of similarities as well as many differences, and both have a unique background and different skills and knowledge to help and serve many Mamas out there who are on their own health and fitness journey.